Something I have in common with the OWS movement…

I believe that the banks and those politicians in bed with them should be bulldozed, and jailed.

Why do I feel this way? Perhaps it’s because in the past several years, I have been ripped off to the tune of $20,000+ by the banking industry.

Or maybe, it’s because our nation bailed out this industry to the tune of trillion of dollars. All in the name of “credit liquidacy”. And al l the banks did was buy each other out, consolidate the competition and raise fees.

So excuse me when I find myself trying to refinance to a better rate, and am unable to get a loan because I went through a prolonged period of unemployment.  (Something that has occurred to nearly 20% of Americans in the past few years.)  You’d think the fact that my wife and I did not miss a single bill during that period, and in fact, we maintained credit ratings over 800 would play into our benefit.


So yes, I do believe that what was done regarding the banking industry was treachorous and treason. I believe people like Senator Dodd and Barney Franks should in fact be enjoy prison walls right now.  And the fact that all this was done in the name of ensuring credit would be available, and yet even with a 800 credit score. I am unable to get credit. 

The banking industry tanked the economy. And they’ve made hundreds of billions of dollars from doing so.  But it is the hard working America which has to shoulder that burden. 

While I do not adhere to the OWS movement’s socialist beliefs. I believe they are correct, as was the Tea Party, that our banking system is criminal in it’s actions.  I believe in capitalism, by which grounds, the banks should have been allowed to collapse.  Instead, we’ve socialized the losses, and capitalized the gains. In my book, that’s facism.

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