Primary Talk: Who is and isn’t electable?

First off, from now on I will try to label all primary (non-gun) posts with the Primary Talk prefix (and later Election Talk:) just for those who want to at an eyeball’s glance ignore them. If I fail to do so, please not in the comments so I can fix. 😉

Recent poll reveals that Mitt Romney is polling at a 48% vs 47% for Obama for the win.  Sounds substantial.  But the same poll gave President Obama only a 48% victory versus 46% for Ron Paul.  The error of margin essentially making it a three way tie.

Now one can take this information many ways.  One could tout a potential victory for Romney, or one might tout the validity of Ron Paul who has often been dismissed as both unelectable and unable to win against President Obama.  If such is true, a mere 3% spread is not much difference between a supposed best shot candidate (Romney) and supposed unelectable (Paul).

Each candidate has their so called skeletons in the closet or more so the bag of bones.

  • President Obama – It’s the economy stupid. Jobs, jobs, jobs. Unless he gets that unemployment rate down to 5%-6% he’s got a tough game ahead of him.
  • Mitt Romney – Liberals don’t like him. Conservatives don’t like him. Has big bad business moniker. But mostly, a large expectation of simply being more of the same. Clinton Bush term #7.
  • Ron Paul – Seemingly radical views, at least for this century.  A perceived isolationism, (which I personally feel is a mistaken perception). Opposes much of the infrastructure of government that has been set up over the last 60 years. As such, is expected to cause much disruption in the status quo.

The real question is, are enough people sick and tired of President Obama’s policies to vote him out and put in his stead a candidate who is likely to do little different than his previous contempories.  Are enough Americans sick of the guy in the office to vote for an individual who garners no good will from them?  I am of the opinion they are not, and expect to see another 4 years of President Obama in office.

I could be wrong.  But to be frank – if I am wrong, and Romney wins, I doubt we’ll notice much difference other than perhaps if we’re very very lucky we’ll ensure a moderate-to-conservative judge is appointed on the Supreme Court vs another extreme liberal. And if by some amazing miracle of chance Ron Paul were to win the Presidency, well I guess we could count ourselves in Chinese proverbial fashion to “be blessed to live in interesting times”.

UPDATE: Let me just further add, when a fair amount of the American populace is supporting a candidate. And major media, such as is so glaringly ignoring that candidate. Even when the viability is being shown to be higher than any of the other candidates, excepting the leader, one must question the motives and the integrity of that media.

I literally asked myself, was Ron Paul in this last debate or did they exclude him like they did in 2008. Apparently he was, but not a single thing in CNN’s coverage would make you aware of that fact.

Seriously, I think I will vote for Ron Paul just because of

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