Proverbs 22: 6 – a verse every firearm owning parent should follow

“Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old, he will not depart from it.”

If you own firearms and have children it is your duty to ensure that your children are properly trained in regards to the presence of those firearms.

  • When they can access them.
  • Where they can access them.
  • How they access them.
  • What is a firearm

I am a big advocate for the guideline that if you allow firearms into your house.  Do not allow toy firearms  into your house.  That does not necessarily mean that a child cannot own a toy gun. But that if that such should be treated in a similar fashion as a real firearm. “No, we don’t point toy guns at our baby brother!” [Exception being for things very very clearly not resembling a firearm such as Super-Soakers.]

Instilling these concepts while a child is young helps prevent accidents when they are older. If a child treats even a replica or toy as if it were a firearm, and as such, as if it were always loaded.  Many accidents would be prevented. Possibly even this one involving the death of a young child from a replica canon.

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  1. When growing up, I followed the 4 rules with toy firearms. Never pointed it at someone or something I didn’t intend to shoot, never put dinner on trigger unless about to shoot, &c. I always meant to Nerf-dart, or soak, or otherwise poke with a projectile my brother and our friends. Of course, I index my finger on the spray cleaner bottle and have been known to pull the battery from power tools before putting them down on the bench to switch to a different tool.
    And, I learned to shoot before I got any “official” toy guns. (Sticks and cardboard make field expedient toy guns).

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