Let’s show some love on Valentine’s Day for Starbuck’s Coffee

UPDATE: Apparently there is a move to encouraging paying with $2 bills (for 2nd Amendment – which as Jack Spirko points out, features the signing of the Declaration of Independence.)

A couple of years ago anti-gun groups put pressure on Starbucks to become “gun free zones”.  Starbucks stated that they would simply adhere to the given laws of the states their stores reside in.

In response, anti-gun groups proposed a boycott of Starbucks, which they are continuing in this year.  Gun owners responded with an anti-boycott, and encouraged each other to go purchase a beverage at Starbucks. (If not a coffee drinker, it’s been suggested by some bloggers to buy some coffee for the troops.) 

Please consider participating & showing support for a company which did not cave to the extremism and fear mongering of the anti-gun groups. 

More info here…


 PS – Drink recommendation Espresso con panna NUGUN style. Small cup of whip cream with 1-2 shots of espresso. Shake….


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