Seriously, it’s called an A-D-D-R-E-S-S

FBI cuts through door of a home with a change saw. Lays mother prone on the floor with a gun pointed at her, as her 3 year old cries in the background.

Her crime?  Wrong address!!!

Seriously, how many times do we need to read this before changes are enacted.  If you can’t read an address or know what house you are busting into, than frankly, I sure as hell don’t want you to have a rifle and SWAT gear.

I hereby propose a new law. All S.W.A.T. raids must now field a representative from the local post office to instruct and guide the S.W.A.T. unit in identifying and recognizing distinguing marks and numerals which aid in the identification of specific housing units.

Thankfully there were no negligent discharages on the part of officers this time.  Less an innocent woman would likely be dead and a 3 year old girl motherless.



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