Is it okay to shoot first?

Han says “Yes”, George Lucas says “No”…

It’s the famous scene in the cantina. The one that George Lucas did right originally, but has been trying to change.  He doesn’t want people to view Han as a cold blooded killer. But there is a difference in killing someone who is about to kill you (self-defence) and a cold blooded killing (hunting someone down and shooting them).

So why is this relevant? Because, society needs to understand that it is OKAY to shoot a criminal before they’ve perpetrated actual harm.  (Granted, this doesn’t abdicate Han for his smuggling crimes.)  But if you’re waiting for a criminal to shoot at you first… YOU’RE DOING IT WRONG. And will likely be killed for it.

That’s what’s so frustrating to Star Wars fans. George Lucas’ original trilogy was gritty and realistic. Star fighters weren’t shiny, they were dirty, worn, rugged.  Just like real life…and so were his characters.  The originals felt more true to reality.  The revisions and prequels brought a shinier more polished world… “Hey, this isn’t Star Trek!!!”

Han shot first.
Greedo died.
Han Lived. 

See article for more coverage

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  1. Be Like Han.

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