Primary Talk: Why America is Treading on Questionable Ground

American liberty is founded on the right to vote, the ability to remove our leaders and replace them with new ones. It is the gift that our Founding Fathers purchased for us with their sacrifice. It’s a beautiful gift…

A few years ago I had the pleasure to participate in an Appleseed Project event. It was a blast, we learned marksmanship, history, camradery….but the pinnacle of the weekend was a reminder about how we don’t need to have another revolution because our Founding Fathers provided us with a system that allowed for change.

There is a group, often referred to as the 3%, who believe the system is broke and there is no other choice but to enact change, by force if necessary.  The moniker is taking from the fact that during the Revolutionary war the active forces in the field fighting the tyranny of England never exceeded 3% of the colonial population.

I myself, tend to agree with the philosophy that so long as there is a means to enact change, the “trump card” option of force need never be used.

But what happens, if a large enough portion of the voter base begins to feel disenfranchised?  Even more of a question…what happens, if they are right in their beliefs that their ability to affect change is being negated?

That is a scary question… but it’s one that I feel will become more visible unless things change in our election process.

Presently, we have a system of primaries occurring, in which a tremendous amount of FAIL and fraud is occurring.  We have a candidate whom the establishment of the party has chosen, and has worked hard to see become the nominee (Romney).  While that candidate will likely become the nominee, it has been far from the “sweep” the establishment both wanted and expected, and arguably manipulated for.

Besides the media, which has repeatedly been calling for Romney in shocking fail after fail. Has there been more at hand?

We have seen a number of elections/caucuses  end with disturbing results. And it’s fairly well understood that the party leadership of the Republicans want at all cost not to see Ron Paul win.  Now I am not saying that Ron Paul would have necessarily won the elections in which questionable events have occurred.  What I am simply saying is a tremendous number of issues have arisen,  and some with very peculiar aspects. These incidents will lead to a growing feeling of disenfranchisement. That the system is merely rigged and no more than a circus and pony show.

Iowa, numerous irregularities, differences from polls, 137 precincts with irregularities, 8 precincts not reported (many of which gave no votes for Romney in 2008).  Oh, and let’s not forget moving to a secret location to count ballots.   How atrocious is Iowa’s results?  So bad, they’ll never be able to report a true winner. This is a state for which Ron Paul had a very strong position.

Nevada, once again a caucus which had bizarre behavior. High amount of precincts reported, and then suddenly a two day wait. In Ron Paul campaign’s case, it was one for which many Ron Paul supporters expected a strong result. And some feel by the fact that Ron Paul had increased his vote tallies by an avg of 200% -ranging from 85% (in FL, a state he did not campaign in) to 385% over his 2008 performance. Then suddenly in Nevada Ron Paul found himself with a meager 1.5% gain. Perhaps Ron Paul did not grow his support in Nevada (as this blogger would argue ).  But when combined with numerous delays, people complaining that figures were not being reported correctly, voters are sure to question “what just happened?”

Maine, more recently we’ve found ourselves in another similar issue with regards to Maine. Maine also has been having many questionable reports coming out of it. First off, it’s a fairly close race, but was announced for Romney while only 85% of the votes were reported. Second, a county believed to be strongly in support of Ron Paul had their caucus cancelled by a GOP party member on record for their support of Romney. Reports have circulated of individuals who worked the polls claiming the numbers being reported do not match what they reported.

And in many of these races, the votes of certain precincts have been discounted over the fact that extra ballots have been cast.  Many Ron Paul supporters feel that the GOP has engaged in election fraud. And are perhaps sabotaging precincts with strong Ron Paul support by adding irregularities so the votes are not counted.

This may or may not be so. It’s quite possible all those Ron Paul supporters are merely the loonies that the mainstream media likes to make them out to be. And you know what, A LOT OF THEM ARE!

But what it does say is that without a doubt our political system is broken. And that is a very dangerous situation in a democracy.

I understand that some will put forth that political parties are “private entities” and therefore cannot have their practices determined by the government.  I’ll disagree, and I’ll point to laws that have regulated how and what parties can function (laws mostly passed by the main two parties to exclude any alternative parties from competing).

Until you’ve tried to go through the political process of signature petitions, jumping hoops and hurdles, etc; you do not realize how hard it is to work within the system.  The laws governing our politics have essentially made the two party system the de facto system.  As such, I believe that either a) primaries need to come under regulation and observation or b) that the laws governing “major party” status should be prohibited, or at the very least revised.

At the very least, every Republican should be enabled to sue the Republican Party for fraudulent behavior. And be able to have the party penalized for it’s actions be they deliberate or negligent.

Why does this concern me?

Because if we continue to have elections in which the people feel “robbed” of their vote. We will lose the buffer of grace that Democracy provides. When people feel there is no way to enact change within the system, they will look outside of the system to enact change.

This is why I believe one of the #1 issues that should be of concern in the political year of 2012/2013 is primary reform.


Dear Republican Party,

(time to get your act together please)

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  1. It’s really unfortunate that you had to ruin this article with your words about Ron Paul supporters. They seem to be the only voters in this country who understand what the proper role of government is in our constitutional republic…. and actually vote for what they claim to stand for! When Obama is reelected, which he will be legitimately or otherwise, those who voted for candidates who have violated their oath can look in the mirror and blame themselves for ONCE AGAIN choosing some phony politician or a filthy party over principles. YOU JUST DON’T GET IT!!

  2. Dear Julie,

    I get it far more than you do, but I am not sure you do. But I think you’re close…

    First off, I did not vote for President Obama nor Senator McCain last year. Nor am I likely to vote for Mitt Romney. In 2008 I voted for Ron Paul. I’m a strong supporter of Ron Paul, and have essentially endorsed him on this blog. He is the ONLY political candidate that I have ever given money to. I’ve helped with the delegate process in Pennsylvania in support of Ron Paul. There is even a Ron Paul sign on my yard.

    “It’s quite possible all those Ron Paul supporters are merely the loonies that the mainstream media likes to make them out to be. And you know what, A LOT OF THEM ARE!”

    I believe this is the statement you’re taking offense too. Well let me be up front and blunt. First off, I think most of my readers are intelligent enough to understand that my blanket statement was a bit of satire wit. Especially with how vocal this blog has been in support of ROn Paul. Any of my regular readers would know that I DO NOT BELIEVE THAT.

    Second, Ron Paul does have quite a few crazy followers. We do ourselves an injustice by denying this fact. Even Ron Paul has declared some statements by his supporters as just “crazy talk”.

    “Ron Paul supporters. They seem to be the only voters in this country who
    understand what the proper role of government is in our constitutional republic…. and actually vote for what they claim to stand for!”

    I actually agree, at least for 90% of Dr. Paul’s supporters. It’s the 5%-10% that are of issue.

    I am of the opinion that every time a Ron Paul fan starts talking about “vapor trails poisoning us” or wastes 15 minutes of dialog on why we need to “legalize pot”, they do Ron Paul a disservice and make it that much harder for us to get Dr. Paul elected.

    First off, it distracts from the biggest issue. The debt, the wars, the government intrusions and brings the focus to a minor and controversial issue. Worse it gives fodder to the anti-Paul camps by letting them continue to pass off all of Ron Paul’s supporters as just being crazy. When in fact the vast majority are perhaps the most sane Americans out there.

    “When Obama is reelected, which he will be legitimately or otherwise, those who voted for candidates who have violated their oath can look in the mirror and blame themselves for ONCE AGAIN choosing some phony politician or a filthy party over principles.”

    Julie, I am not trying to offend you. But I view your post here as part of the problem that’s hurting Ron Paul’s electibility. Your comment is derived from a failure to catch the wit involved in the post. A Ron Paul supporter saying in regards to the numerous “irregularities” that “Perhaps all Paul supporters are just crazy.” Which begets the question, what’s this all mean if there not all crazy. If they’re not all crazy, than maybe there really is a significant amount of voter disenfranchisement occurring.

    Please remember, my entire post was not even so much about Ron Paul, but the danger of such voter disenfranchisement, and how the sanctity of our entire system and Republic is built upon that foundation. And how, if that foundation is lost than the only recourse left to Americans is to take up arms. And while such might result in a more libertarian system of government, and a restoration of liberty – which I would very much like. The truth is, that such an incident would be tragic due to the amount of loss of life that would ensue.

    Hence, what I am saying is that the Republican Party and the U.S. government need to get their act together and clean up the election framework and systems so as not to disenfranchise the American people. Lest we wind up THERE…

    Please go look at the number of posts and positives I have said regarding Ron Paul. I’m probably more strongly in his camp than the average gun blog.


    Really, I do…but I also get that it’s politics. Just as the NRA does. The NRA sometimes shares it’s bed with unseemly bed fellows. Mediocre politicians or politicians with other issues. They even endorse incumbants with lower grades than those who might be running against them.

    They do this because they understand it’s all about politics. If a B rated member sits as senior head of a Senate committee, than it’s better to keep him for his influence and support him so he’ll favor 2nd Amendment legislation. If a B- candidate is in office, and an A candidate is running against him, but the A candidate has no chance to win. Endorsing said candidate would burn the bridge with the incumbent who is nearly guaranteed to remain. People get upset with the NRA for such actions. But it’s those very actions that allows the NRA to be influential.

    If one does not understand why one must function in such manner, they are sure to lose. It’s a Chess game, in which you must understand that there are times where you will sacrifice your queen in order to save a knight, so that you are assured checkmate in 2 moves.

    It’s why as much as I am a supporter of Ron Paul, I will probably not vote for him in Pennsylvania’s primary. Ron Paul is NOT going to win that primary. It’s a close race between Romney and Santorum. If Santorum wins, it hurts Romney, and might help bring us closer to a brokered convention. Where candidate Ron Paul might be able to leverage his delegates to see his son Rand Paul moved to the VP ticket.

    The most effective “political strategy” that Ron Paul supporters can do is to go to the Pennsylvania primary and vote Santorum, and then elect as many Ron Paul delegates as we can. Try to push things to a brokered election, or at least one in which Ron Paul is seen with a slew of supporting delegates and able to affect the agenda.

    “It’s really unfortunate that YOU JUST DON’T GET IT!!”

    Julie, every time a Ron Paul supporter comes out decrying and raising a fuss like you did. Not even reading the words written nor grasping their intricacies, it hurts our movement.

    Her you expelled great energy lambasting me, a fellow supporter. Many who see your comment will be like “Man, those Ron Paul followers are passionate but crazy.” And they’ll be pushed away from the movement.

    Which is why I admitted we have a bunch of crazies who support Ron Paul. Because I feel we have to admit that they’re there. But make sure that the average person understands that the average Ron Paul supporter is just that. An average Joe! Not someone going on rants about jet trails making Americans dumber and how we never landed on the moon.

    No, the dialog must remain sane and rational. As must we….


    Imagine how much more helpful and beneficial it would have been if you caught the nuance and echoed it back with a comment like…

    “Yes, Ron Paul has a few supporters who are crazy, but the vast majority are sane and rational and simply realize where this nation is headed economically if we don’t restore some discipline and integrity.

    And with so many irregularities, one can’t just chalk them all up to a few crazies on witch hunts. There is clearly a serious pattern being seen; be it deliberate or merely gross incompetance. Which ever cause may be, it needs to be addressed and corrected if the American system is to work.”

    The result is that anyone reading my post, than reading a follow-up comment above is going to be forced to re-consider their own views and to question whether there is a need for change and correction.

    Julie, stand by the cause, but I encourage you with an old proverb. “Be wise as serpents, and as innocent as doves.”

    This is how we’ll win and restore our nation to sanity.


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