Top Shot: Why do you have to make it hard for me? [ADVISORY WARNING]

So Top Shot season 4 is here. But seriously, why do you guys over at the History Channel have to make it so hard for me?

I do not have cable TV, I probably never will, as I see no point in spending $100 for 250 channels of which I want to watch 3, and of that, maybe a show on each. And as usual, the few shows I like to watch get cancelled.

This relegates me to watch online.  My preferred medium is Netflix streaming to my Xbox.  Top Shot however is not on Netflix. The History Channel website usually has the most recent episode, but I do not get to keep up every week. I usually watch 2-3 in a batch.  However, watching TV is a luxury for me. So usually I’m watching TV and working on my computer.  Which is why I like Netflix, streams right to my TV through my Xbox.

Here I am wanting to watch Top Shot, so I finally cave and decide to subscribe to Hulu.  Signed up. Searched for Top Shot…nothing.  Go to the site….

Top Shot is not licensed for mobile devices. Seriously? Seriously?

I am so !@#$% tired of licensing bullcrap, that I am about ready to just start downloading bit torrents. What is the difference between watching Hulu on my PC and watching it on my iPhone or watching it on my Xbox.

Why the !@#$% are you guys over at the History Channel making it so !@#% hard to watch your TV shows.  I’m even trying to pay money….

This is the ridiculousness of the greedy bastards of corporate television and the royally dumb !@#$% CEOs and executives who are too old and should be fired.  Frankly, if your CEO doesn’t understand the way the internet works you need to fire and retire.

To the History Channel, can you please tell me WHAT THE !@#$% YOU ARE THINKING and how in any way it’s advantageous to you to NOT allow me to watch your show.

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  1. They just don’t get it.

    They are actually losing viewers with this stuff. Not just top shot, but any network that produces a series.

    I don’t watch much TV, so when I’m prompted to watch a show, it’s because someone else has seen and recommended it to me.

    So, If it’s been out long enough, I rent the first season or watch it on netflix. If I like it, I watch as many as are out on DVD. The issue is, because they don’t put the DVD out until at least a year after the season is over, there is no way for me to catch up and be current on what’s going on with the season currently being aired.

    If I could catch up so that I can watch the current season without missing anything, I’d do that and then watch the shows as they come on TV. But I can’t do that, so I end up waiting for the next season to come out on DVD and never watching it on the tube. They’re actually losing viewers with their short-sighted policies.

    I don’t understand it either. I think they’re just stuck in their old, protectionist ways and don’t really put much thought into what the unintended consequences might be.

    Oh well. I may be a couple of seasons behind everyone else, but at least when I rent the seasons or watch them on Netflix I don’t have to sit through the asinine commercials. Of course, I used to think that the entire point of TV shows was to convince us to sit through the asinine commercials so that they could collect the ad revenue.

    I guess I was wrong because they sure don’t seem to want to have me watching on TV.

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