RANT: Traffic Tickets….

Just received my first automated traffic ticket for doing 68mph in a supposed work-zone.  Seriously, this one camera has generated the 200,000+ tickets since installed in June 2010. At approx. $40 a ticket, that equates to $8,000,000.  That is from one camera. And that is the problem with this system, it’s a revenue generation tool and nothing more. City after town are turning to ticket collection as a source of revenue to stem their budget deficits.

Typical of government they figure the solution is to take from the people.  This year alone I have received more tickets than the rest of my life combined. And frankly, I am sick of it. Sure, I could fight it, but this entails taking time off from work and going to a court that is likely unsympathetic. (If natural disaster, and two broken windshields is not sufficient for leniency I doubt there is any to be found). So you wind up paying.  The counties are happy, they got more $$$. They don’t seem to take into account that it’s not just the cost of tickets. As these minor infractions raise auto insurance rates as well.

But here lies the problem, we have limited resources. As these policies result in an increasing drain on the citizenry it’s going to cause conflict. There are many Americans in a similar situation as I am. The Great Recession took them down a paygrade or several, wiped out all their savings and assets, and they are increasingly faced with higher costs of living. As people get more tickets, more points, and begin to lose their driver’s license – what do these clowns in their political offices think will be the result?

If a man loses his license, and that’s the means to get to work, pay his bills, keep a roof over his families head and food on the table. He’s not going to simply stop driving. He can’t. Society (or rather greedy, corrupt, incompetent politicians) are going to begin pushing decent folk into the “criminal” category.

Before this year I had no moving traffic violations. Now I have two, and have had a number of tickets for administrative vehicle issues.  It’s damn frustrating. Especially when I can’t get the police to respond to 9-1-1 calls for vehicles swerving all over the road. What’s the point?

And if we’re going to be ticketed for this crap. Is it fair for me to pull over and tell a group of construction workers to get off their arse and do some work.

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