Zimmerman’s Police Report (Courtesy of WEER’D

Here is a link to the police reports.  http://cnninsession.files.wordpress.com/2012/03/martinpolicreport.pdf

Of note, Martin’s body was between two houses.  I view this key in Zimmerman’s case.  Zimmerman stated he exited his vehicle to determine a street sign (perhaps house #).  However, the location of Martin’s body puts this statement into great question in my view.

The location leads me to believe Martin was the one acting in self-defense against a pursuer. But I don’t truly have enough detail to make any judgment beyond “this needs to go to trial and be judiciously determined”.   WEER’D postulates a series of events in which Martin is the attacker. This could be true as well, in which case Zimmerman would have acted in self-defense.

The crux of the issue is that enough questions in this case have arisen so that it is not a clear cut case of self-defense.  My feeling is that self-defense should de facto unless there is a reasonable doubt. And in this case, I believe there is a reasonable doubt.

If Zimmerman is innocent, I hope he can prove so.  But at the same time, I think he was negligent in his actions. And in so being, has created a mess for the rest of our community and left a young man dead.


UPDATE: Commentor on WEER’D WORLD links to article substantiating Zimmerman’s role as a neighborhood watch captain. This does aid Zimmerman’s case. And does show how much mis-information is out there regarding this case.  We can make assumptions, but the only real judgment is that this needs a judicial review.

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  1. “If Zimmerman is innocent, I hope he can prove so”

    I believe it still works the other way around, innocent until proven guilty.

    • Indeed. Thank you for clarifying that for the ignorant among us.

  2. I had also heard that Martin had a hoodie on his head. The polce report states ” a gray sweater”. If in fact it was a hoodie wouldn’t the report say gray hoodie? Seeing how it is a murder case all evidence should be properly identified.

    • Hoodie is slang/common vernacular for a sweatshirt with a hood. So referring to it as a grey sweatshirt would in fact be more correct, and ‘a grey sweatshirt with a hood’ slightly more so.

      I am pretty sure that writing grey hoodie could be misconstrued as insinuating the wearer was a hoodlum. So I feel the police’s description was probably best.

    • Not necessarily. Some sweaters have hoods, some don’t. To the arresting officer, apparently that detail was insignificant. However, if asked again to clarify the statement, that officer would simply clarify that it was a sweater with a hood.

  3. After all the ignorant debate, and the trickle of facts over a month after the incident occurred, there is only one conclusion that is certain. Two idiots did everything wrong that night, and one of them is dead.

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