Rand Paul courting gun owners

Today I saw the following advertisement:

The ad linked to the following site http://www.nagr.org/M1_RP_BannerSurvey2.aspx?pid=gb20 which appears at first to be a support for Senator Rand Paul. But then I discovered it’s apparently a 2nd Amendment rights group. One I am not sure I’ve ever heard of or seen. I will give them credit for addressing the M1 issue. That’s one not often talked about in political campaigns.

Part of me wonders if it is akin to AHSA, only existing for a single election – this time in support of Ron Paul’s campaign. (Whom is at least inherently pro-gun, unlike AHSA which was simply a fraud/shell/con game)

Though reviewing this page, it doesn’t appear that they only support Ron Paul. Looks like they were supportive of most of the Tea Party related candidates.

Apparently, they have been in existence since 2001. Just wondering if anyone in the blogosphere has more information? To be honest, I’d love to see another 2nd Amendment organization that can play the role that I’ve argued GOA should be playing.  As I’ve expressed, the NRA should be the ARMY, and GOA should play the role of the Marines. Establishing beach heads, saying what the NRA can’t say when politics comes into play. (ie: when a candidate is not the best, but sure to win, the NRA has to remain friends – where as a smaller organization can be more critical).  Rather, than take the role of the Marines, GOA often seems to be take on the role of the “politiburo officer” – expending more effort firing salvos at the NRA than at the real enemy.

I think our movement could greatly benefit from a “Marines” unit. One that worked in co-ordination on strategic objectives with the NRA but was given more freedom of tactics. Don’t know if this could be it or not. Anyone know anything about these guys?



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