God, Guns and Guts

An article on the CNN homepage…really?


I’m kind of mixed on my feelings. First off, some are clearly staged for a bit of sensationalism, and I am fairly sure the few photos that CNN highlighted are probably those which cause the most “shock” to the typical liberal. While others are nicely done.  One issue that I see repeatedly is “the booger picker on the trigger”.   This is a reminder to me as a photographer that I need to ensure my subjects are aware of their trigger finger position at all times. I think the reason CNN frontlined it is because the Trayvor Martin shooting has guns on topic, and there are a few photos that come across questionable and emphasizing stereotypes.  

Website of author & book God, Guns, & Guts by Ben Philippi  http://www.godgunsgutsbook.com and I wonder if this was created as a counter-point to the similarly titled “God, Guts, & Gun: A Close Look at the Radical Right” (by Phillip Finch) 


I own “Armed Amercia: Portraits of Gun Owners in Their Homes” which is a very nice table book and also features PAFOA‘s founder Dan.

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  1. Dear Nugun, I love your site and I really appreciate you talking about my book. Thank you for your time and attention. My book is is raw, inspiring and bold. As for the ‘booger finger’ on the trigger, how else are you supposed to shoot? This book is like the man on the cover (Mark Muller) He’s not afraid to say it like it is. If you’re timid and shy, there’s a great book for you called Chicks with Guns. It’ll go with your pink undies. As for me, I’m not making any excuses. This book is art meets high powered weapons and unapologetic gun owners. God Bless America and Amen.

  2. “As for me, I’m not making any excuses.”

    Greetings Ben,

    Hey, thanks for coming and posting. Glad you like the site… 🙂

    “As for the ‘booger finger’ on the trigger, how else are you supposed to shoot?”

    I just encourage people to only have it on when they are shooting….hate giving antis- ammo in injury statistics. Been by one negligent discharge, (not by me), and that was frightful enough.

    “Chicks with Guns”

    Hey, that can get you shot and killed in some places…there are some damnably good gals out there that I would NOT want to go barrel to barrel with.


  3. Dear Nugun,

    Thanks for your reply. I appreciate it.

    On a more serious note, my book explores contemporary American gun culture through provocative images and quotes from gun owners. It’s a bold book because guns are a bold subject.

    Guns are complex tools that evoke strong feelings on both ends of the social spectrum. They are the ying yang of man’s world and have saved as many people as they have enslaved. They are in a way a reflection of our own attempt to confront good and evil. This book takes a fresh new look at what guns mean to modern America at a time when we are often looking to the past for answers. This great nation was buit on God, Guns and Guts.

    Hence the name of the book.

    Thank you again. Ben

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