The Damnable Pretentious Prius

Yes, Prius’ have that pretentious reputation. And often well deserved.  (See recent report on how rich people driving high end cars were “meaner” drivers, one other group fell into that category the “Prius” – so much for nicer greener earth.) 

So why am I talking about the Prius today?  Because my 2002 Prius just gave up the ghost.  No, it wasn’t the battery. It fried it’s inverter. Mind you, I had fairly well babied this vehicle doing all the maintenance, and even doing at the dealer.

I had rather expected a Toyota to make it to at least 200,000.  Even the Prius, with the off chance of it maybe needing a battery.   Well to be honest, my Prius did not impress me much outside of it’s 39-41mpg performance.   It was a touch quirky, needed a number of odd repairs over the years. And now has died a 190K miles.  Yes, that’s about 40K more than most of my Chevy’s got.  But all in all I found it’s ergonomics, reliability, and lifespan not all that impressive. Granted, it was a first generation Prius.

So the NUGUN Blog is now the need a NUCAR Blog.




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