Corn Starch Inspired Body Armor?

A new revolutionary liquid body armor. Hardens on impact but is liquid the rest of the time allowing for great maneuverability.

From reading the behavior it reminds me of my favorite easily accessible non-newtonian fluid “corn starch and water”. You might remember playing with this mixture as a kid. If not, grab a bowl of corn starch and add water. Stir it until it’s uniform.  No grab some in your hand. Squeeze, and the corn starch liquid solidifies, relax, and it turns back into liquid. Fill up a kiddie pool, you might not be able to walk across it like Jesus, but if you run, you might be surprised by the fact you didn’t sink in.

I imagine that’s exactly what the researchers were thinking when they developed this product, could they maximize such an effect to stop a bullet. Sounds like they did.  Besides personal body armor, I imagine lining the walls of a Humvee or troop transport could provide excellent protection as well.

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