Brady SUPER-FAIL over at PolitFact

Brady Campaign makes claim “Obtaining a permit to carry a concealed gun in Florida is so easy that Floridians can do it without leaving the comfort of their own homes”… “Their website is You can use it to get a permit to carry a loaded hidden gun without ever leaving your house,” reviewed the claim and gave an astounding, absolutely “FALSE”

Now many conservatives take issue with sites like and feeling they still have a bent and often pick particular issues to fact check.

So what a sorry state for the Brady Campaign to get a slamming grade from Politifact. The fact, that you can actually download the application from the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services is probably the only thing that kept them from getting “Pants on Fire” status.


Interesting, the article makes mention of a mobile firearm training course that will come to your house and includes a “mobil shooting range”.

Wow, that’s kind of cool. I didn’t even know such exists.


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