#nraam No, I’m not DJ’ing

Never there when I need them, always there when I don’t – POLICE

On the way home I was pulled over by police in Illinois.  Apparently, the tags were expired on the vehicle I was driving. Thankfully the officer only gave me a warning – which is what I believe he should have done.  And kept me from lowering my faith in cops further.

The annoying part is (according to my gut feeling) that he followed me because he saw me over the “white line” of a street light.  This came out when I tried to inform him that the streetlight up the road was not working.

Which I was stopped at for 10 minutes maybe even 15.  He stated that he observed me well past the white line.  I tried to explain that I originally started WELL BEFORE THE WHITE LINE. And I each time the light went through a rotation and skipped me, I moved forward.  I went from being 3/4 of a car length behind the white line to a 1/4 in front. Ironically, I was about to run the light, when I saw the police officer.  I decided to wait a couple more times, but had decided that even with the recent police officer I was going to run it after the next rotation. Thankfully, it turned “green”.  I was like “Great, now I don’t have to worry about police – oh what a fool, what was I thinking.”

I am pretty sure that the reason he trailed me was this fact. I just wish police would listen for a change. It gets harder and harder to respect the position.

Seriously, I don’t want to hear another lame arse mayor complain about crime until they quit wasting police officers time as ticket maids.  Thankfully, it’s just a warning.

But now I’m even more tired….

Night all!

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