#nraam NRA-ILA: Part II

The Gun Owner’s Guide to Social Media


Chris Cox speaking about Supreme Court Justices. 3 justices will be over 80 years old by end of President Obama’s term.

“Going all in…”

30 years ago there was a discussion of a Nationwide handgun ban. Now we’re talking about a Nationwide Right-to-Carry law.

Chris Cox addressing 3rd party candidates.

Media talks about dozens of lobbyists the NRA has in Washington. “We have 6.” So it’s very hard to deal with all the smaller races.

Determination is fair and systematic. We don’t make determination based on affiliation. Nor on race, gender, or any other aspect except their record on the 2nd Amendment.

Cox sake about some of the other laws that NRA seems to have supported. That seemed outside of the the core 2nd Amendment cause. I did feel Chris Cox could of provided a stronger answer.


EVC Christie Caywood from Pennaylvania

Election/Political News
36% cable news (steady for years)
32% local TV (in decline)
25% Internet (growing)
20% Local paper (in decline)

Other areas, talk radio.

Only 4% will unfriend someone on politics.

52% share political information online

Social Media Sites:
– Facebook, avg person on Facebook for 20 minutes
– Twitter
– YouTube, 15 minutes a day for avg American
– Pinterest, 85% women (faster growth than Twitter or Facebook)
– Yelp, reviews and ratings. Review gun clubs. Dealers. etc. 64% of users make over $100,000/yr
– Stumble Upon, 1 billion+ stumbles. 70 minutes session.
– Google+, Mostly male. Not much time used.

First step find your audience. Your friends, family, etc. You don’t need to be breaking news. Just share.

Find, Balance, New Tech, Experiment (use tools), Be Visual (use photos/videos), Join In, Talk…..

10x more likely to be followed on Twitter if you have photo or logo.

Don’t want to create content. Then fan “NRA” and like or retweet. Watch a YouTube video “thumb” it up.

Networks are built on real life. Friends, family, hunting buddies, co-workers.

Social Networks provide real time outreach, measurable impact, peer pressure….influence others.

Krista Kupp – senior coordinator and NRA university.

Getting the Youth Vote. Success in 2012 will depend on the youth vote.

2008 – President Obama won youth vote by 2:1. Based on youth vote Obama would have received 455 electoral votes vs 57 McCain.

Obama only won 30 year old vote by 1%

Youth voter turnout up 50% in 2008 because President Obama excites them.

Youth voters not impressed this year, not as excited with Obama.

NRA University


52 NRA Universities in 20 states since 2007.

Reach out to campus carry organizations, college Republicans and college Democrat organizations.

David Burnett speaking about Students for Concealed Carry

“Disarming victims doesn’t protect victims.”

Students for concealed carry introduced bills in 30 states, and positive effects in 10 states.

Campus carry movement is reaching into Europe too.

How did a group of students with no money & just social networking, form one d the most effective new grassroots organizations?

5 Guidelines:
1. Don’t do it alone.
2. Use the Internet
3. Make use of the media (empty holster protest)
4. Be better than your opponents.
5. Don’t quit

“Repeatedly asked where is the headquarters for Students for Concealed Carry. Answer – online…”

Utilize local media. Annual events are springboards for your cause. Empty holster protest “sexy news”

While our cause excels every time a gun free zone fails. We can’t be happy for that.

Avoid partisan politics.

Gun rights movement is not made up of one groups, rather it’s made up of many smaller groups.

NRA 2nd Vice President

Changing public policy is matching up the nail (public issue, idea, policy change) with the right hammer (We are the hammer).

Tough issues require bigger hammers.

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