#nraam Are you an RFO?

Responsible Firearm Owner (RFO)




  • Increasing awareness
  • Watch their body language
  • Watch the eyes

“Awareness Indicators”

Choose today to be a ‘victim’ or ‘victor’?

First thing dropped is a purse. Gun in car does no good when pumping gas. Keeping on body is best availability.

Learn to utilize your weak hand for common tasks.

“Holster most important piece of equipment for carry.” More so than even the type of gun.

Family training time…

Body shielding – keeping gun side away from you.

Personal space – maintain it. Arm’s distance is your safety space.

Learn how to use it with applied handicaps. Finger not working. Off hand.

3 Reasons for Failure
1. owners performance
2. weapon failure
3. gear ineffectiveness



Thoughts on holsters. Back straps not for security, merely to retain during active movement.

Practice various positions for drawing. Including sitting, prone, in a car seat,any position you usually are in OR might be forced in.

“Life in imminent immediate danger.”

Recommend Books by Dave Grossman:
On Combat
On Killing
“Bulletproof Mind” (video presentation)


This session included an immense amount of information and insight; both myself and my assistants (my 15 year old nephews) found this to be one of the highlights of our attendance at the 2012 NRAAM.  If you have the opportunity to take Dave Young’s session at a future NRA Annual Meeting – do so.



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