#nraam Cabot Guns


Cabot Guns only builds one gun, modeled after John Moses Browning’s 1911.

So what makes different than the many other clones available out there?

Rich Wilson of Cabot Guns shared how Cabot uses sophisticated equipment used in aerospace engineering to manufacture their parts with tolerances so exacting; other manufacturers are unable to duplicate.

It’s quite clear they are very proud of their product. Every gun they manufacture receives a “birth certificate” booklet including photos of the firearm being made and a detailed report of the specific gun’s manufacturing tolerances.

Cabot Guns also makes a “Southpaw” (left handed) model. Mr. Wilson said they didn’t just place the ejector on the left side. They completely reversed the internals. Even the rifling is reversed; so the rotary forces press the gun into the left hand.


Cabot also offers a Teflon like coating which can be seen on the photo of the Southpaw model.

The top gun pictured is not chromed. That’s the polishing applied to the steel.

With an annual manufacturing rate of 400 pistols a year, a Cabot 1911 will run you a bit more than Remington’s $700 1911. The models I saw at Cabot’s booth ran $4,000-$5,000. Sadly a tad outside my budget, but if you we’re considering a high end Kimber for $2K-$3K perhaps it’d be worth your while to look at Cabot’s offerings.

Cabot Guns

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