#nraam Bore-Tips

A booth was giving away free samples of a new cleaning product intended to be an alternative to bore patches.


From an initial glance it looks like a Q-tip (likely from where the name Bore-tips is derived). Rather than cotton they use a mesh foam. The representative said they can be washed & reused several times.

While I am not sure if these will be economical compared to traditional patches. If they prove effective, the time saved would likely justify their added cost.

$5 for 6 Bore-tips includes free shipping. Depending how many times of re-use they last Bore-tips could prove to be a minimal cost over patches.


NOTE: I notice these are made in Springfield, Mass. I wonder if these were somehow born out of the S&W factory. Perhaps An employee who came up with an easier way to clean the test guns.

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  1. Not a product from S&W.

  2. Thanks Digger…

    Are you associated with S&W or Bore-tips?

  3. Bore-tips were developed by Super Brush LLC, a foam technology company that has been manufacturing in Western MA for over 60 years.

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