#nraam EOTech’s ACR

If I could have picked one firearm with the premise I couldn’t resell it. There was one unit that stood out to me. I even inquired “Do you accept children as trade?”

The rifle was an ACR at EOTech’s booth.

It was exactly the configuration I want to get. An EOTech holographic site with a magnifier that can be swung out of the way. Equipped with pop-up iron sights that are spring loaded. Even cooler was the fact that the iron sights could be used in conjunction with EOTech’s holographic sight. I found the effect of the hologram overlaid upon the front site post made my eye focus well.

Then there was the ACR. At first I thought I had picked up an AR but quickly realized it was not an AR. Then I thought it was a SCAR but realized it wasn’t a SCAR, it was something else. That’s when it was revealed to be the ACR.

What can I say, I think I’m in love. The stock is adjustable and folding. Ergonomics felt good. But one thing I really loved – the charging handle.

The ACR’s charging handle is placed toward the front left of the rifle. It can be operated by the left hand while the right hand remains on the trigger well.

This is something I’ve commented on in past conversation regarding the AR/M16/M4 platform. I feel that our soldier’s next rifle should be designed to not require the soldier to relocate their primary firing hand. (Also think it should allow magazine stacking and ejection so a soldier can continuously feed his or her rifle.)

The ACR is the closest I’ve seen to such improvements. Is it worth the extra $$$ over an AR. Probably not. But if cash wasn’t an option it’d be my rifle of choice. And if the difference was a $1,000 for an AR versus $2,000 for an ACR – I’d pay the extra for the ACR.


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