6 Odd Guns

A reader submitted this article, and while it’s probably circled the web a few times. I am sure many have not yet seen it.

  1. Duckfoot Pistol – great for taking out a swarth of smelly pirates.
  2. Brass-nuckled pistol grips… Neighborhood watch captains can now choose to shoot or just punch. Granted in some states you can get a permit to carry a gun but brass nuckles are still illegal – go figure.  One model gives you three options: Punch, Stab, or Shoot? 
  3. Pocket Watch Pistol – Is it time to shoot?  Not yet…no, still not yet….*ding*…NOW!!!! *blaam*
  4. Harmonica guns – I’ve long contemplated an alternative to our two firearm types (revolver/autoloader).  Most autoloading issues revolve around the ejection/insertion of cartridges.  Revolver’s don’t suffer these jams because they don’t eject the cartridge or load rounds.  I’ve puzzled over the idea of a chain drive.  This design appears to be an attempt to resolve the dilemma. But I think the design essentially ruins the pistol’s advantage of carry and concealment. (Apparently it was a pre-cursor to the belt fed design.
  5. Tri-barrel – We all saw the Flyin’ Dutchman’s triple cannon in Pirates of the Carribbean.  This is surely the pistol that Davy Jones kept on his person.  Three barrels of goodness all in a six-shooter….FUN FUN FUN.
  6. Colt Defend Mk.1 – Die you Russkee bastards…DIE DIE DIE. Invented for “Red Dawn” itself.


NOTE: The article also features a few other gag guns as well. Enjoy!

H/T Andrea

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