20 Years of Warning

Woman who fired a warning shot is charged and convicted with aggravated assault and sentenced to 20 years.


Essentially the woman fired a warning shot at her abusive husband. I believe there is more to this case, and I think it was a matter of timing that the husband wasn’t actively assaulting her when she fired the warning shot.  However, it is a reminder that warning shots tend to be a bad idea.  The expectation is that you only draw your firearm if you fear for your life and well being. If you fear for it, why did you waste a bullet on a warning rather than shooting to “stop” the situation?

Never fire a warning shot. Shoot to stop, or don’t shoot.  And if you do fire a warning shot. Remember, you didn’t fire a warning shot. You simply missed and the individual retreated and you did not pursue them.  A justified homicide will set you free, but an accidental homicide will land you in jail.

You must know what action you are taking, and why you took that given, and you must be able to explain your reasoning clearly.


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