Eddie Eagle Program (Success!!!)

The NRA has a program called Eddie Eagle, it instructs children on what to do if they come across a firearm: stop, don’t touch, get an adult, etc.  It’s similar to the numerous “9-1-1, fire – stop, drop and roll”  & “wear your seatbelt” type seminars taught in schools across the country.

Sadly, many opponents of the 2nd Amendment  and firearms often oppose the entrance of the Eddie Eagle program into schools – especially in urban, inner-city schools.  The sad irony is that particular school demographic is probably where programs like Eddie Eagle are most needed.

The following news article (H/T PAGunblog.com) details an account of a 5th grader discovering a North American Arms .22 Magnum pistol.  He followed what he had learned from the Eddie Eagle program. The result, no one was hurt or injured.  That is the success that the Eddie Eagle program was created for.


For more information on the Eddie Eagle program (including how to get videos, booklets, and more)


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