Minimum wage phone operators will get you killed!

Many out there do not understand why us gun owners are so leery about medical and health care professionals making inquiries regarding “firearms”.

One reason is because while these people may be highly educated and competent doctors, more than likely they are bludgeoning morons when it comes to firearms. And one mis-interpretation could land a patient in a situation where they could lose their rights – or even their life.

These risks are even further increased by the likes of emergency call handlers; be they 9-1-1 operators or on a suicide hotline. As the following story shows how one decorated soldier suffering from bad dreams calls a listed support line and made the mistake of answering a question asked by a woman with an I.Q. of 70 being paid minimum wage.

The result? He found himself at the unfriendly end of two dozen gun wielding SWAT members. One wrong action or interpretation could of easily cost him his life.

I will add that in recent years I have concluded that SWAT teams as used are a threat to the Constitution and need to be abolished. Rather than being used for explicitly dangerous and active scenarios requiring additional force. They are being used as “first responders” and are getting Americans killed.

Sadly we are moving more and more into a police state. Even little ol’ York, PA has an Armored Personnel Carrier (APC). Where is it going to stop?

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