No Surprises….

Auburn shooter had prior arrests for gun offenses but was never prosecuted!

This is far far too common a scenario. Why advocate for ANY gun control legislation if the most fundamental rule (bad guys, doing bad things) is not going to be prosecuted.  So did a gun kill these three people? Or did a bad court system?

The truth is, far more people die because of parole, failure to prosecute, probation, et al than they do by any sort of lack of firearm & gun control laws.  Fix the judicial system. Send bad guys to jail. And quit incarcerating growers of orchids, and we might see violent crime plummet.

I’d really like Brady or CSGV to comment on why in so many cases, we see this trend. Prior arrests for gun offenses, but no prosecution. Or 10 year sentence for armed robbery and prisoner is released after a few weeks time served.  Meanwhile, we’ll push hard, really hard…to have  a few residents of Massachussetts arrested for an empty brass shell casing. Or for a passer by through New Jersey to be incarcerated over a small dimple in a .22 caliber bullet.  Yes, this is the common sense gun control idiots ask for….where as us firearm owners want violent criminals prosecuted, incarcerated, and kept away from society.

Which laws do you think make for a safer society?

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