PRIMARY TALK: Primaries – should they be regulated?

I often hear people remark on the much maligned Presidential primary system that there is really nothing that can be done about it. Primaries are for private organizations and that’s that.

Well I 100% disagree.  First, the laws have been passed to favor the two-party incumbent system. Essentially, making it nearly impossible for a third party candidate to enter the race. There have been a few exceptions, Ross Perot being one. But most of the exceptions are usually a mere splinter segment of another party – “Bull Moose” anyone?

For that reason alone, and the affect it has on our presidential election, I would feel it acceptable to regulate the process.

But when you factor in the millions of dollars that is spent on such things as candidate security and conventions. Than I believe the case for regulation is even furthered.

Here are my thoughts:

All primaries occur on the same date. No more of this game where 20 candidates run, and by the time people like us Pennsylvanians get to vote we are left with one choice.  Perhaps let caucuses run one month prior. And while it’s not a total fix by far, this would do a LOT to clean up the American political system. And it’s not asking a lot.

And if this can’t be agreed to. Than ZERO public money should be used on the process. Yes, that’s right. Zero. And if Romney is afraid of being assassinated, than he needs to pay for his own security detail.  The Secret Service remain out of the process entirely until the candidates are officially candidates for the position of POTUS.

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