The Eyes of Truth

Some say the eyes are the window into the soul.  One fear of many shooters is that they can also be the perfect window for a ricochet or other flying debris to enter through. This is why it is nearly a universal axiom of shooting instructors that ALL shooters should wear some sort of eye protection. In fact, most ranges mandate this as a requirement of shooting on their premises.

Personally, I do not have the budget to afford $100+ eye protection.  Sure, I know there are those who extoll the fact that it’s your eyes and safety. And a $100 isn’t a lot to keep you safe. Perhaps no, but when you need to buy a car and 6 years later you’re still delaying the purchase of that flat panel HDTV, a $100-$200 on an insurance is often more than the average casual shooter is willing to expend.

I myself have mostly relied upon the $5-$15 models available at your big box stores, or upon my prescription glasses. Of which, only polycarbonate is recommended. Glass and ordinary plastic is prone to shattering; glass usually in a horrific manner.

If you want the low down of how various eye protection responds to a variety of impacts, check out the recent post over at LuckyGunner.


LuckyGunner blog test numerous eye protection units of varying quality, price, and construction in a “Box of Truth” style experiment.  The results are interesting to say the least.

The results may cause you to change your eye protection or eye protection habits. I know I tend to just rely upon my prescription glasses. I may need to consider alternatives, and whether I really should be doubling-up with a yellow over-lay goggle.

In fact, I’d love for Luckygunner to test a pair of cheap prescription glasses (available from with the addition of cheap basic yellow overlay glasses. I am curious to know how the doubling impacts the wearer’s safety.

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