Why Gun Control Advocates…just don’t “Get it!”

In this article, the gun control advocate is calling for restrictions on large capacity magazine (ie: 100-200 round drums). But he doesn’t stop there. He advocates for the 10 round magazine limit. He is unaware that in the near future this will be an impossible mandate.


You see, a few years ago an emergent technology shook the media world. “Digital Media” which allowed  perfect copies to be cloned from originals be it a song, film, or book.  What most do not realize is that same revolution is approaching for physical objects.

The gun control advocate wants a ban on large magazines. But what if I told you that in 10 years, anyone could just “print” their magazine?  Sound outrageous?

It’s not…see this one….

But does it stop at magazines?  What about printing an the components of a firearm itself?

The future of accessibility to firearms may be as simple as a barrel and a computer file with a 3D document and assembling all the parts.  When you think ahead to the future, you find that such restrictions will fast become ineffective.

“we should reflect on why the U.S. has a murder rate that is nearly seven times higher than the average murder rate in other high-income countries and a nearly 20 times higher murder rate with guns”

We should reflect…and I have to wonder how much of the synthesized drug trade contributes to this rate. I think the prohibition fuels much of the gang violence.

As for the deranged individual who goes on a rampage. I think that’s a more complex matter. And often it’s a matter of conflict with HIPAA regulations, stringent laws and striking the right balance.

“In most states, a person with a long history of arrests and convictions for misdemeanors (often pleaded down from felony charges), prior restraining orders for domestic violence and history of drug and alcohol abuse can own”

I believe this is related to our judicial systems and legislature’s failure. You see we had two classes of crimes. Misdemeanors and felonies.  The former were to be for more minor or inconsequential issues. Those that did not involved violence and predation. The latter were for more serious and violent actions.  They brought with them stiffer penalties.  Well, we started to expand everything into felonies.  And we’ve blurred the line between misdemeanor and felony.

I actually advocate that we need a third category. One that denotes a crime as a violent aggressive act of predation. And this is the class for which one’s rights should be lost.  I believe a lot more of our problem lies on the side of judicial process rather than legislation. If the most fundamental law that a violent felon shall not possess a firearm is seldom prosecuted. Why waste any effort on additional legislation until that one is strictly enforced?


And in other news worthy of a full news article. A two bit actor on a long dated sitcom, whom most young people today would be hard pressed to recognize the star, comes out and opposes gun ownership.  Oh,…the surprise…the amazement….who would have ever thought that a liberal Hollywood star would oppose guns.  Incredulous…let’s write an entire story on it.


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