Blogger Burnout…

Recent posts by Sebastian and Say Uncle address “blogger burnout”.

I’m a small fish in the pond, I have my small cadre of readers and fans. Truth be told, I think a lot of things have changed in just the past 3-4 years.

  1. A lot more people are blogging, news events are often covered by many more individuals. It takes a lot of work to catch wind of things and get a post up ASAP. Often I’ll have links or posts I want to make, but it takes a day or so to get to it. Then said news item has already been shared.
  2. Mainstream news has been changing as well. We’re seeing a little bit more variety of news style.
  3. We’re winning….it’s almost strange; the fact that you can come across a well written accurate article on guns in mainstream media today (on rare occasion). The fact that a tragic incident involving guns did not raise a clamour for gun control from ordinary citizens but sky rocketed gun sales by 40%.

    The point being, it’s a different society than just 4 years ago.

  4. It can be discouraging – I don’t make money from this site. Oh, the occasional person uses the link on the side to sign up for NRA. It’d be nice if that covered my hosting, domain name fee, etc. It doesn’t. Which just about covers my domain name & privacy fees.

    And sometimes it’s hard seeing your blog decline in google searches, hits, etc. I watched a top post that was sending 40-70 hits a day decline to 30 hits. But you know what, it’s position in google got replaced by another blogger’s excellent post on the topic. And that is GOOD!!!

  5. The original intent of my blog, and I still try to do this when possible, was to share knowledge as I acquire it; and to support the 2nd Amendment. The truth is, with 3 little kids and a 100+ mile daily commute I have very little time to go to the range. The result, I have been experiencing less as of late, learning less as of late, and have less to share on my blog primary focus. Yeah, I’m letting you guys down – sorry.

A while ago, I made the decision that I’ll just blog as and when I can, often times in spurts. I’d love to be able to manage the consistency (and quality) that Sebastian and Bitter put out. All said, I am very glad to still be a member of this community.

Thanks all…


Sebastian mentioned a blogger site. I’ve thought another option might be to have a WordPress plugin that helped link a circle of folks. Essentially, other WordPress based gun bloggers could add the plugin. It’d offer a few things.

  • List of resources: (ie: NRA, Organizations, etc)
  • List of States and their Carry Laws & reciprocity.
  • A running feed of posts, with the option of a thumbs up/down and perhaps a tag system that would consolidate similar posts.

I don’t know if that would be something people would be interested in…but I think it could be neat.

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  1. I wish blogger offered the items that you listed. That would be a good thing to add to the Gun Blog Black List.

    Perhaps I can think of other things…

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