Finally some numbers….

CNN has an article that acutally uses some real numbers instead of editorialized hyperbole. Are we REALLY winning by THIS much?


  • 26% of Americans favor a handgun ban (record low). This compares to 60% in 1959, the first year Gallup conducted the poll. This is a staggering change when you think about it.
  • 47% of American households that own guns. The gun control sea gulls (noisiest common bird I know), often chirp about how there may be xxx million firearms in America, but that most of those are owned by just a handful of nutjobs with like 20 guns.  This pretty much shatters that myth, 47% is a staggering number of households.  Perhaps this is why the U.S.owns 50% of the world’s gun (per this article).  Granted, said article claims gun ownership dropped from 50% in 1973 to 32% in 2010.  Well, it looks like per Gallup it’s back to being  a lot closer to that 50%. 

    But you know what, I don’t think it stops there…

    I believe a large portion of that 1973 50% were the ones who had a hand-me-down rifle, maybe did a little hunting. But mostly just kept a rifle or shotgun in a closet. I think what we’re seeing now is a much more active gun owner. One who is learning how to use arms for defense. A gun owner who is much more diverse in rac, gender, and age.  

  • 310 million – estimate of civilian firearms in America. That means we can just about arm the entire populace if need be.
  • $75 or less – retail price of low-caliber handgun? Really? Where? I don’t even think you can get a Hi-Point for much under $300.  Where are these $75 handguns….and why don’t I EVER see them at my gun shops?
  • 49% feel that protecting gun ownership is important. I’d be curious to know how that compared to 1979.
  • 58% felt that mass shootings were really isolated inicidents carried out by troubled individuals.  I find this intriguing. Essentially, a majority disassociate such incidents from gun ownership.


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