No Guns, just food and government…

A lot of people don’t understand why gun owners are unwilling to trust the government to handle their 2nd Amendment rights.

Not all of that is because gun owners are paranoid crazies who think it’s all a plot to get them. A lot of it simply boils down to not trusting the government to be able to implement and enforce it’s programs with any modicum of sense.

For example in Philadelphia <sarcasm>that bastion of sane governance</sarcasm>, here is a woman who is handing out free lunches to the kids in the community during summer. But now she’s facing a $600/day fine. Her crime, well, this is a residential zone. You need a permit and variance for that. I mean, are you really going to find a bunch of hungry kids playing out on the streets in the middle of Philadelphia’s business district.

“Prattis, who does not make any money on the meal distribution, says she wanted to help make sure the neighborhood kids received at least one healthy meal a day during the summer. “You have houses here. The roofs are falling in, and they could be focused on a lot more serious issues than me feeding children,” Prattis said of the city council’s ruling.”

That’s right this is the important stuff that the Philadelphia city government needs to be spending their time protecting you from.

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