Revocation of Right to Print Guns

Apparently, Stratasys (who will be receiving an email from me shortly), has revoked the 3D printer lease of Defense Distributed – which was attempting to design a printable firearm system.

The manufacturer cited a lack of a Federal firearms manufacturer license. Which many have pointed out that without intent to sell, technically seems to not be needed.

Right now, it seems that Wilson should find a license Federal firearms manufacturer to be an umbrella for him. That would seem to be the simplest solution.

“3D printable ammunition would be a joy to pursue.”

This actually seemst to be rather plausible. I mean, how many shotgun shells use a plastic cartridge container? I think it’d be interesting to not only try printing some shot gun shell components. But to see if one could alter the interior of the shotgun shell in such a way as to result in differing patterns.


For those looking to contact Stratasys. (Remember as a private company Stratasys is allowed to do what they want with their property.  But that doesn’t exclude them from consumer pressure for their actions.)


Dear Stratasys,

I am extremely bothered by your recent decision in regards to Cody Wilson’s “Defense Distributed” project.

From what I have read and researched, Cody Wilson is not in violation of the law. So long as he does not sell or give away any prototype firearm he develops.

While you may or may not support the idea of the project. Please realize that the right to self-defense is as fundamental to both our society and life as our freedom of speech.

And I truly hope that your motivation was solely at the behest of legal concerns (which I believe personally to be unfounded).

Please assure me that if Cody Wilson were to acquire or work with an existing licensed Firearm Manufacturer that you would restore the leased 3D printer.

If not, than you’re business is acting from a purely political basis – and a rather naive one at that. And that would be both sad and disturbing.

“Science cannot progress without liberty!”

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