Presidential Debate: After Thoughts…

I am no fan of Romney. But the debate did give me insights into where he needs his campaign to go. And what he needs to do.

  • He needs to hype on, and focus on being a collaborator who worked with, and will work with people on both sides of the aisle – to get stuff done!
  • He needs to come out with his plans. His announcing a proposal of a cap on deductions, is something that would be attractive to MANY voters. He needs to be more open with his plans and strategies. Don’t set them in stone, but express what he’s thinking.
  • President Obama is very good at responding and making things slide off of himself. His voice sounds good.

    Romney will have a tough time with that…frankly. He did do a little better at being human.  I think he should just buy EVERY American a beer if he wins. Figured it’d cost him about $100 million.  And might get him enough swing votes.

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  1. Just Beer?
    For votes?

    Come on here. America stood for the proud, brave, and strong.
    The “candidates”… I say in nice terms, are not a choice for me nor do they have back-bone!
    Well, one has muscle from sources we should not mention… “Snide”
    The other not far off from the “Snide”, so to speak.
    So, does the parties give me beef?
    They give me chop seuie!
    A party with out corruption is a blessing. I must however, choose the lesser of two evils.
    I AM a strong conservative.
    Proud and stand by the “Second Admendment” with my life.
    I ask this of everyone. I simple question.

    Do you take fascism over lying down with your belly scratched?

    Or …

    Do you stand up for yourself…
    READ YOUR CONSTITUTION…(albeit with a dictionary if necessary),maybe a few political classes?

    Guess what people?

    Common sense!

    Vote with integrity for your belief system.
    Not what your fed through media-hype news.
    I ask you to use your common sense.

    Believe in a system our Founding Fathers’ believed in…with faith.
    A healthy back-bone is a must! Put lead in your boots if you need some.

    I do.


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