Less than Lethal, More than Stupid

Police officer in a school class acts in a reckless (and arrogant) manner.  Points taser at student, and just so happens it goes off.  Child loses consciousness…


It may not fire bullets, but tasers should be treated as any other firing weapon.  We seem to differentiate guns from everything else. The 2nd Amendment applies to arms. Be it a crossbow, Glock, or Han’s DL-44 Heavy Blaster.

The point is, the practices are same. Keep it unloaded, or unarmed until ready to use. Keep it stored or pointed in a safe direction. Keep finger or other trigger mechanism disengaged until ready to fire.

Granted, this wasn’t putting a bullet into one’s leg DEA style. But this could have still cost a child his life. And that is UNACCEPTABLE behavior.  I am sure the officer feels bad. His actions were stupid. Hopefully, neither he nor anyone in his unit will ever do something this dumb again.

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