All In, Lost All

Why I’m disappointed with the NRA this election year

2012 election went worse than I feared. I expected Romney to lose. We were being asked to support a candidate who was only slightly less than our current President. A Massachusetts’s liberal. And a fat cat very out of touch with the common people.

He was unelectable. And I knew it. People griped that I had chosen not to vote for Romney. It waa pretty well known Pennsylvania was going to Obama.

The NRA put so much effort into a losing horse. And in doing so neglected far more important races.

Pennsylvania now has an anti-gun MAIG funded Attorney General who is devoted to rescinding reciprocity agreements.

We’ve got a fight on our hands folks. Worse, we went all in and lost a lot of fights. The result is that we will look weak and less influential. The NRA didn’t bring it home this time.

And that’s a large part of why I felt the NRA made a mistake I. Focusing efforts on Romney at expense of more important local races.

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  1. I agree, and I was more than a little worried when I saw the AG results this morning. I’m holding my my opinion about Obama 2.0 until his next state of the union.

    Some other random thoughts (ie my opinions)
    -social conservative and fiscal conservative are not even close to the same thing, and it bothers me that they have to be combined into the same party.
    -the NRA talks about voting for freedom. I wish they’d endorse a candidate who actually stands for freedom as a principle, not just as it relates to guns. And whether or not Romney actually supports 2A is endlessly debatable, but it is almost certain on that issue he’d be better than Obama.
    -if the NRA threw its weight behind a third party, such as libertarian, that might be enough support to disrupt the 2 party system, which is also known as the “lesser of 2 evils” system. I think enough of the NRA membership supports the pro-liberty, pro small federal govt, pro local govt thing to make a difference. It would take major balls to endorse a 3rd party though.

  2. Quit whining and let’s get working. It is good to learn from our mistakes, but we have to move and move quickly to preserve previous gains and some immediate goals. How can I help?

  3. I believe the big items we need to be working on are the following:

    1) Preventing a renewed AWB, by ensuring more people discover the fun of shooting. And understand that there is really no difference between a so-called assault weapon, and any other semi-automatic rifle. And pointing out most of the features are actually safety and ergonomic features (barrel shroud, adjustable stocks, etc)

    2) Establish reciprocity. For this, I think the NRA should push an agenda that focuses on a “out-of-state reciprocity standard”, where they encourage states like Pennsylvania, or Vermont to keep their current and traditional requirements. But argue for a “reciprocity stamp” option, that would be a universal standard, that would meet most other states requirements.

    Yes, it would suck and be a compromise of sorts. (ie: requirement for a safety training course, etc) to earn a reciprocity stamp. But this would allow an individual state NOT to need such, but provide for a certification of the individual of having completed such in order to reciprocate with other states. Doing this would allow for a LOT MORE cross reciprocity. And if suddenly, 30-40 states could reciprocate. A lot more pressure could be put on the last few. Exclaiming, that it’s like they’re refusing to recognize driver’s licenses.

    3) Pray for us to not lose any pro-gun judges in the next 4 years.

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