McAfee Anti-Virus but Pro-Bath Salts – now sought for murder…

UPDATE: The recent McAfee update is saying he is only wanted for questioning, regarding the murder and robbery of his neighbor.  (Not sure McAfee would rob the guy, unless he was really out of ca$h.)

Have to say, this story is definitely in the running for “Weirdest Gun Related Story of 2012”.


The man famed for helping us kill those viruses, is now a suspect in Belieze in the possible murder of another ex-patriot. Apparently, John McAfee has spent the past few years trying to work out the kinks of “bath salts” (no, not the tub kind, but the seriously !#$%^ up until you’re eating people’s faces like a zombie kind)

 Love this quote: “As dawn broke over the interior of Belize on April 30, an elite team of 42 police and soldiers, including members of the country’s SWAT team and Special Forces, converged on a compound on the banks of a jungle river….Inside, the cops found $20,000 in cash, a lab stocked with chemistry equipment, and a small armory’s worth of firearms: seven pump-action shotguns, one single-action shotgun, two 9-mm. pistols, 270 shotgun cartridges, 30 9-mm. pistol rounds, and twenty .38 rounds. Vexingly for the police, all of this was actually legal. The guns were licensed and the lab appeared not to be manufacturing drugs but an herbal antibacterial compound.”

Apparently, these were the firearms found in the prior raid:

I’ve got to presume his intention for the multiple shotguns was to be able to arm several hirelings for security.

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