Faster, isn’t always better…

Great article on military special forces wanting a slower sub-sonic round.  Eliminating the sonic boom, that can give away a concealed sniper, even when using a silencer/sound suppressor.

 The article, amazingly gets into some nifty technical bits, including “burn rates”, “obturation” (yes, I did not know that term, and thankfully the author defined it).

Oh my, did the author actually write “the metled leading can be a pain in the ass to remove”…  Seriously, if CNN had more articles like this, I’d put a link on my blog. 


Too all my fellow bloggers, let’s see if we can ALL post a link to this most excellent article. (I mean, is it really on domain??? albeit through their “WIRED” affiliate.).  And maybe we can get it to go viral a bit.  Let them know, we really enjoy when an article on firearms is done by a knowleadable author and one who uses facts, and explains technical jargon.


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  1. […] Via nugun who says good job CNN. […]

  2. I believe the laws of warfare or some of the conventions the USA and others signed PROHIBITS noise suppressors and/or negation of sound devices on military weapons.

    I know they have been in use lately and their use ignored and glorified but it’s still a violation and our troops could be charged with war crimes or espionage if they are captured openly carrying a suppressed weapon.

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