TSA: Keeping you safe, one toy and corkscrew at a time…

Touching Sensitive Areas apparently has liquidation stores. In fact, from the article there is one in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. (I might have to make a trip up.)

But this article presents photos upon photos of deadly corkscrews and swiss army knives (along with some gaudy prop swords, and other toys).  But the insightful part is all the things you DID NOT THINK were banned items.

  • Bowling balls
  • Exercise weights
  • Pouch of Playdough
  • Wiffle bats
  • Toy guns and swords
  • and more….

Essentially, anything that could be used as a blunt object (hmm, does my old 17″ Toshiba notebook count) or appears to look like a weapon is confiscated.


“You got to ask yourself one question: do you feel safer? Well do ya, punk?'”
(Yes, that about sums up the TSA.)

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