What I believe the NRA needs to do…


The NRA needs to propose some strategies that are more effective than the gun control advocates are seeking. And I don’t feel they’re really doing that. Violent video games is not the target. And that just burns bridges with the young.
My suggestions:

1. Open up the NICS to private sellers. Allow an individual to run a NICS background check before a sale free of charge. This would be optional, but I wager many would do it. Especially if it were in conjunction with social pressure by gun shows, NRA, etc.

Otherwise, I think we will see the gun control folk get their so-called “gunshow loophole” bill.


2. Safes/Gun Locks – press to make these tax deductible upto say $1,500. Point out that this would allow more gun owners to afford to purchase safes and devices suitable to securing firearms.
3. Mental health reporting – point out how few states have been reporting, argue that funding needs to be provided for facilitating this. Exclaim, you want more laws, that will restrict the rights of good citizens. And you’re willing to fund those new laws. But you won’t fund laws that already exist and would make us safer.
4. Press for mandatory prosecution of felons in “possession”, who have been convicted of violent & predatorial crimes (rape, murder, theft, armed robbery, etc).

5. Show how most of the features on an AR15 are merely ergonomic and safey features. That a barrel shround reduces risk of accidental burns. That a folding stock is an ergonomic design feature that benefits many women. That the use of plastic is merely typical of most items manufactured today because plastic is light, strong and does not rot or rust like wood or metal.

6. The NRA needs to debunk the media myths. Go up in front of the reports and ask them to pick out the round they believe is fired by so-called “assault weapons”. How often do you think the reporter will grab the .556 or 7.62×39 round versus all the far larger hunting rounds?

7. The NRA needs to point out over and over again the failure to fund, apply, and prosecute the present laws. This should be a primary argument. The NRA should be reading off rap sheets of murderers of Philly cops and commenting and asking why each murderer had so many arrests with illegal “possession” but was never prosecuted.

These are strategies the NRA needs to be doing nationally.

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