How to Stop a New AWB

I have a strategy to prevent a new AWB.  We simply push an update through Xbox Live that turns all the firearms in Halo and other first person shooters into flowers and slingshots.  Inform them that assault weapons will no longer appear in Xbox games.  The result, would be a huge outcry.


Okay, so the above is a joke, and was a silly idea.  Partly inspired by other silly ideas such as the proposed Connecticut bill to outlaw any firearm that holds more than one round.  (Which is pretty much 99.8% of the modern cartridge firearms.)

I am a Gen-X’er, as such, I have played violent video games, adored the Matrix, and while I think some violence can be sensationalized or insidious (ie: game where you go around shooting school children).  The truth is, I believe games like Halo have next to zero affect on violence.

But I think it’s given me an idea for poisoning any AWB that they attempt to push through.  The solution?  Outlaw the portrayal of any banned weapons.

Huh what?

That’s right. Let’s not just make AR15s, Glocks and AK47’s illegal. Let’s make their fascimile and representation illegal in games and movies.  If we attached such a sinker, it’d likely be sufficient enough to tank any AWB.



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