NRA vs Gun Lobby

The media loves to constantly claim the NRA is the gun lobby. In fact, it’s millions of joe average folk.  But there is a real gun lobby, the NSSF. And there are numerous firearm manufacturers.

I did hear an interesting suggestion today.  And I think the gun lobby SHOULD act… 

  1. Remington and other firearm manufacturers immediately announce plan to relocate their industries. (Start soliciting which states would give some tax breaks for new jobs.)
  2. All manufacturers who are members of the NSSF, announce that they will no longer provide service or sales to NY law enforcement departments. Arguing, they are civilians, and therefore, agree that no company will sell magazines that hold more than 7 rounds to LEOs.  And, perhaps refuse to service/repair any firearms.
  3. Cease sales of ammo to NY law enforcement.

That would be an action by the actual “gun lobby”.  (And it wouldn’t be the first time something like this was done. Barret Arms refused to sell their 50 caliber  rifles to California law enforcement when they imposed a ban.

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  1. New York shouldn’t be able to buy a roll of caps after today. I hope all manufacturers and suppliers cut them off.

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