President’s Speech = Disappointing

“One thing we can do…we have an obligation to try it!”

– Prosecute convicted felons in possession of weapons
– Mandate prosecution of violent crimes
– Eliminate parole, early release, etc.


“We don’t benefit from ignorance”

Oh yes you do, most of gun control benefits from ignorance.

“if America worked hard to keep guns out of the hands of criminals”

But you don’t, you don’t prosecute criminals. You ban cosmetic features.

“tyrannical all out assault on liberty”

You mean like NY State has begun?

“The only way we can change, is if the American people demand it”

And we will only preserve our liberties, if we, the American people, demand it.

“Letters from children”

Seriously !@#$% pisses me off, when these children are told what to write, what to think, and not taught the other side.

Teacher,….let our children go!

“right to assemble peacefully”

Has been denied to many. And many times, firearms have been the one thing to provide that right.


23 Executive Actions

– Universal Background Check (no more private party sales)

– Claim: 40% of all gun purchases done without a background check (wager, this includes all illegal sales)

– Call on AWB Renewal & 10 round magazine

– Weapons for the theater of war have no place in a theater
(But they DO have a place in the hands of the people to ensure the preservation of liberty.)

– I really DON’T like Reagan.

– Confirm BATFE director Tod Jones (???)

– Call for more police officers.


All the typical rhetoric, almost no solutions. Where is the discussion on psychotic meds. Focus on items that will not make us safer nor solve the problems we face.


There we have it….23 Executive Orders and you didn’t hear a single !@#$% one mentioned.

So guess we need to file a Freedom of Information Request to actually find out what the 23 Executive Orders are.

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