Do you have gun insurance?

Massachussets calling for a not just a permit, background check, training, but insurance to own a firearm.

I can see it now, it’ll be profitable. We’ll gouge the hell out of citizens cause there will be very little statistical information. We’ll almost never have to pay out, because legal gun owners seldom take actions to harm others.

Oh, and what a way to control access. 

$22/yr for 22 rifle
$50/yr for shotguns, bolt-action, etc
$100/yr for semi-automatic rifle
$250/yr for handgun
$500/yr for assault weapon

The question is will that be per person or per firearm. Oh but what an elegant way to drive firearm ownership to the rich and upperclass.  Sure, insurance will be accessible now. But you just keep raising it on things like handguns and semi-automatics.  Soon, only the wealthy can have them….

Like machine guns.  Yes, assault rifles ARE legal to own. They’ll just cost you $10,000 – 20,000.  It allows the wealthy to have machine guns but not joe-average who can’t afford their inflated prices.

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