In the news….

  • Journal News getting people robbed (and probably killed)
  • NYPD to return to 38 Special revolvers after Cuomo bans their hands guns
  • Abbsymal Failure, no, not GWB, the AWB
  • Sherriffs say no to Feds and Yes to Constitution
  • Texas offers to Yankees a place not to have their chain yanked

Happy Now Journal News?

I hope you’re happy Journal News, you probably just got someone killed. Congratulations. Frankly, I think Journal News CEO should be arrested for aiding and abetting theives. And if anyone is killed, and it is traced to stolen guns related to Journal News’ posting. They should be held accountable and charged with manslaughter.


NYPD have one year before they must give up their magazines (and return to 38 Special revolvers)

New York in their rush rush rush to do something, fails to use intelligence. And restricts all law enforcement with their new gun and magazine bans.

I say “leave it that way”, police officers are civilians. And should not be able to be armed with any weapon a civilian cannot wield.

AWB Mostly a Failure – so says CNN

CNN article on National Institute of Justice report that declared “the public safety benefits of the 1994 [AWB] ban have not been demonstrated”.

Even a Univ. Pennsylvania study which concluded a reduction of violence by the banned firearms pointed out that there was an increase in violence from other firearms over the same period.

“The study did point out that since assault weapons were used no more than “8% of gun crimes, even before the ban,” its impact was likely too small to reliably measure.”

The real problem is mentioned here… “many states don’t report the names of people who have been labeled dangerously mentally ill. And there are huge gaps in the database. For instance, the Virginia Tech shooter who killed 33 people in 2007 passed two background checks when buying guns because Virginia didn’t submit his mentally ill status to the database.”

This is what SHOULD have been discussed.

Multiple state level sheriffs pushing back on gun control…

Ya’all welcome here..

Texas invites Yankees to come on down and move to Texas, and bring your guns with you..

Of course, there are tons and tons and tons of CNN articles, all in support of gun control. But damn it, try to find one article that is published from the ‘opposition side’.

Worse, most of these articles do not allow “Comments”…


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