Congratulations President Obama on your Second Term

From now on, the economy is the fault of the president who served the last term, yes, that would be YOU!!!!!

No more blaming the last president Mr. Obama. You served an entire term. Anything thus first that is blamed on Bush I am going to tell to go screw !@$%

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  1. Nice of you to be able to dictate how long it takes to pay off war debt. WW2 took 30 years to pay off, The Civil War took almost 70, but now (according to your rule) the books get balanced on 2 wars after one presidential term LOLOL. Of course I don’t blame Bush alone. Any one who supported going into those wars is also responsible for accepting what they have cost, and are still costing us.

  2. Invisible Mikey,

    a) Let’s not forget that President Obama added to that war debt. And no, I don’t just mean Iraq and Afghanistan. We can add Libya and such. Oh, and let’s blame President Clinton a bit for depletion of U.S. cruise missile reserves by his war in Yugoslavia and repeated multiple bombings of Iraq. (And President Obama had the “mandate” to withdraw, and even when the withdrawal date President Bush signed for Iraq rolled around, President Obama tried to keep troops there.) So no clean fingers there…

    b) I don’t blame President Obama alone. But I think President Bush gets dumped on a lot, when he was handed a crappy economy too. Let’s not forget the dotcom bust, stock market crash, job market crash. All of which pretty much initiated under President Clinton. But President Bush was never allowed to buck the blame to Clinton, beloved of the media.

    c) As much as these wars have cost us, the truth is, much of our debt problem (and resulting suffering economy) has LITTLE to do with the wars.

    d) Let’s talk wars….we still haven’t ended WII, or the Korean war. We stil have troops in Germany, Japan and Korea. Let’s bring them ALL home.

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