All In Busted Us

When the NRA did the “All In” platform to support Mitt Romney, I felt this was a foolish decision.

First off, I didn’t think Romney stood a chance. Okay, maybe 15% chance at best.

Second, it pretty much left me “done” with the Republican Party. You forced on us for a second time a sub-par moderate. Worse, he was moderate on all the important stuff. And strong on the crap – morals, faith, etc.

Mind you I’m a Christian. Pro-life. But really the issue should have been debt, security and liberty. Romney was weak on ALL of those.

Anyway, back to the point. The “All In Policy” royally screwed us. We want all in for a two bit candidate bathe result was NOTHING was done on important local elections. Pennsylvania had a very dangerous election for Attorney General. Very little focus was on it because of Twitt Romney. We now have an extreme anti-gunner for attorney general. She has begun her promised war on ‘reciprocity’.

Announcement today is that PA residents who utilize out-of-state carry permits to carry in PA, have a 120 days to secure a PA LTCF.

To be honest, getting a PA permit is fairly easy and low hassle. So I don’t have a huge issue with this. But my concern is her expressed interest in other reciprocity arrangements. And I am very concerned she will begin to systematically undo those arrangements.

[UPDATE per PAGunBlog: “More importantly, non-Florida non-residents with Florida licenses can no longer carry in Pennsylvania. If you are a Delaware resident who carries in Pennsylvania on the Florida permit, you’re no longer legal to carry here.”

THAT is not cool. Florida and a few other permits are the ONLY way some who live in states with draconian gun laws can carry.]

If that occurs, than I believe that a very forceful protest will be necessary before the capital. And that it will be necessary to make sure that the legislature and governor act to remove thy authority from the AG.

*** NRA-ILA Notice ***

Pennsylvania: Attorney General Kathleen Kane Issues a Notice Regarding Non-Resident Carry Permits

If you are a Pennsylvania resident who is carrying a concealed firearm for self-defense with a non-resident Florida Concealed Carry permit, your permit will be invalid in 120 days.

Delivering on her anti-gun campaign promises last year, Attorney General Kathleen Kane issued a notice today that requires Pennsylvania residents, who currently carry a firearm on a non-resident Florida permit, to obtain a Pennsylvania concealed carry permit in order to be allowed to carry in state.

The top state law enforcement officer should not be making policy — the job of state legislators in Harrisburg — and simply enforcing the law enacted by the Pennsylvania General Assembly. If Kane wanted to be a lawmaker, she should have run for an office other than Attorney General.

If you are one of the 4,000 individuals who carry in Pennsylvania with a non-resident Florida permit, you have until June 8, 2013 before your permit is invalid. If you wish to continue carrying a firearm for self-defense in Pennsylvania, you must obtain a Pennsylvania Concealed Carry Permit.

Your NRA is disappointed, but not shocked, by Kathleen Kane circumnavigating the Pennsylvania General Assembly to implement her anti-gun agenda. To voice your opposition to this notice, you can contact the Pennsylvania Attorney General at 717-787-3391 or by submitting an e-mail via this on-line form.

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