3D Magazines & Censorship

Slashdot is discussing how the latest 3D printable magazines are more reliable. While simultaneously pointing out that YouTube has apparently yanked the video.


Seriously, I am getting tired of super-mega companies engaging in this sort of political censorship.

Is google a private company? Yes.

But it wields an unearthly leek of information control. And that’s frightening. And frankly, I think it’s hypocritical of their do no evil. They won’t censor links to all sorts of crap. But they did cave to China. But when it comes to an issue like this, I am very very bothered by YouTube’s actions.

But what does one do about it? Heck, MSG or call google. That’s like sending an email into oblivion. Can’t afford to buy stock and vote. But if you own google stock it might be good to contact shareholders services. I did this with Netflix once. It does go a bit further when you OWN a share of the company.

Dear Google, such sort of censorship is dangerous and evil!!!

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