Funny thought on LAPD situation

Seems like most folk, think that police just randomly shooting pick-up trucks without even running the license plates is unacceptable – no worry, a board of review is already reviewing the events and have before hearing the facts, determined that the officers actions were operationally justified.

But let’s think about this for a second, an APB out for a black man in a pick-up truck. And LAPD hits two hispanic women in their truck, and a white guy.

Clearly, the LAPD has come a very very long way since the Rodney King incident.  One could say that today’s LAPD is “color blind”.


And remember folk…these are the only ones Feinstein thinks should have guns. Military, police, and ex-police.


Okay, so what I have gathered of this situation:

> LAPD officer reports police brutality
> LAPD declared said whistle blower is a liar, and is fired for lying.
> Ex-LAPD officers takes out a few cops.
> LAPD takes out a few random blue (not grey) pickups to show how tough and serious they are. Shooting civilians
> LAPD & police unions puts up $1 million reward for whistle blower

Loser in all of this? LAPD

– you sacked a whistle blower
– you hired a nut job
– you shot innocent civilians
– you can’t catch a dude
– you’re god-awful bad shots too.

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