The Manifesto

Usually, I don’t bother with reading the manifestos of shooters. They’re usually incomprehensible rants and have no real points.  Mr. Dorner was a soldier and a police officer. And I’ve been a bit curious about his. I’ve finally found a link and read it. And while Mr. Dorner does fly off the handle a fair number of times. I am disturbed by his account of his LAPD experience. 

I am not sure if many have read Dorner’s manifesto.  It’s fairly sad. I believe his actions were wrong, especially in misappropriation of collateral targets.

I am concerned that evidence may come out that will show that a lot of Mr. Dorner’s comments on his specific case are true. He does outline a fair amount of crap regarding his termination, which if is shown to be partly true scares me. And I am worried that such would lead to a sequel of the 1990’s LA Riots.  But on a far greater scale. In which case, shame on the LAPD if you’re letting such a culture potentially be a kindling point. I disagree with a lot of Mr. Dorner’s views. But I am concerned about matches that can set off social powder kegs.

And Mrs. Feinstein, why does ANYONE need such “weapons”.  Perhaps because of stupid actions by government agencies like LAPD.  Just saying…

If videos are subpeonaed, if it does come out that said victim had stated he had been kicked. That said officer had a history of abuse.  And that he truly was terminated for being a whistle blower. What do folks think will be the response from folks.  If LA was torn apart by Rodney King…how much more so an LA torn apart after a black officer is shown to have been dismissed for being a whistle blower.

I don’t know why a man’s heart snaps as Dorner’s did. Why a man would give up the chance to be the “best man” at his best friend’s wedding. Or life in general…but I’ll be honest.  I think at this point, the Los Angeles Police Department needs to do a top-down self-evaluation. Do it on the lowkey.  But I wager, Dorner is not wrong about there needing to be very significant changes in the operations of the LAPD.

“If you recognize my vehicle, and confirm it is my vehicle thru a dmv/want warrant check.” – Dorner

Well, they didn’t even do that basic procedure. 


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